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Ames Taping

What is Ames Taping?

The tape and joint cement is only applied to the plasterboard joints and screw holes rather than the whole area, resulting in a smaller percentage of materials being used than traditional plastering. The finished product leaves the walls and ceilings seamless, smooth and ready to decorate.


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High Quality finish – we will not leave the site unless you are 100% satisfied with the result. We have our reputation to loose, painting and decorating is the final effect of any renovation works and refurbishments done in your house, when you invite guests to your house you don’t want to be ashamed to show them low quality decoration

Quality materials. High quality finish can only be achieved by using finest Quality materials.Combining this with our meticulous attention to detail, creativity and expertise, we achieve a finish that always surpasses every customer’s expectations.Every painter we provide is expertly skilled at all aspects of painting and decorating, from surface preparation to clean-up.

• Decorative and Protective Coatings
• Wall covering including wide width
• Specialist Coatings + Spray Applied Finishes
• Ames Taping
• Fire Protection and Intumescent Paint
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